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Ana Korver


Ana Korver

Ana Korver* is a New Zealand artist and co-owner of The Korver Molloy Gallery and Sculpture Park based in Taranaki. She has been working nationally and internationally since attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the University of Canterbury in 2013.

Korver's sculptures are feminine in their identity and perspective and her work is driven by experiences and concepts that question and challenge traditional feminine roles. Her forms are figurative but often abstracted as she strives to find a balance between masculine and feminine. She works predominantly in hard stone, steel, wood and bronze. 

Impossible staircase (2016) in Taranaki andesite and corten steel is one of a series using the symbol of the dress to express a feminine narrative – the artist explains the dress serves as “a second skin that protects internal emotions.” The facets represent armour and soften the juxtaposition between the feminine form of the body and the harder lines of the staircase that supports it. The stairs are representative of life’s journeys and the steps or stages and challenges one encounters on the way. 

Korver divides her time between her studio, creating work for exhibition and commissions, and national and international sculpture symposiums. 

* Previously Anna Korver