Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden

Rory McDougall


Rory McDougall

Rory McDougall was raised in the Highlands of Scotland, in an area full of Pictish-Keltic stonework and archaeology.

He writes, 
"My schoolbook doodles and patterns attracted the attentions of my art teacher, and so at age 12, I was introduced to the book Keltic Art - Methods of Construction by George Bain. Coincidentally, Mr Bain had taught in my school 50 years previously and was a revivalist and promoter of the Keltic Arts."

McDougall attended Inverness Royal Academy in Scotland and the Aberdeen School of Art for one year but instead left these formal studies behind for more hands-on study in metalcraft and stone masonry, including under Uwe Spiekermann, in Germany.

He later settled in New Zealand and lives and works on the West Coast, in Hokitika. His fascination with Keltic art and its iconography continues to influence his work. 

He has exhibited extensively and has several public art objects around New Zealand, including in Ashburton, Rotorua, Timaru, Hokitika and Greymouth. He has also exhibited abroad, including in Scotland. McDougall has work in private collections, including Sir Richard Wallace’s.