Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden



Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden is building a permanent collection and hosts exhibitions of works for sale by some of New Zealand’s favourite sculptors.
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The TSG permanent collection

We are committed to contemporary sculpture practice in New Zealand. The Directors commission a major work annually or select a work from the exhibition for the permanent collection. New commissions are unveiled at the opening of the Annual Autumn Exhibition in March.

The permanent collection includes

  • Andrew Drumond Rotating leaf form: Ngaio (2017), ed. 1/9, stainless steel, precision roller bearings. Purchased 2017.
  • Alison Erickson Bureaucracy and the Huia (2017), bronze. Commissioned.
  • Johnny Turner Sky Mirror (2017), granite, corten and stainless steel. Purchased 2017.
  • Marte Szirmay  Stormy Weather (2006), bronze. Purchased 2017.
  • Neil Dawson Vortex (2016), steel, paint. Commissioned.
  • Graham Bennett None So Blind (2015), stainless steel, galvanised steel, telecommunication pole (recycled from Antarctica). Commissioned.
  • Bing Dawe A Landscape with Too Many Holes, Waiting for St Francis - A Gateway (2015), bronze and steel. Commissioned.
  • Ben Foster Infinity (2014), aluminium, stainless steel, exterior sealant, sealed bearing. Commissioned.
  • Doug Neil The Rocks (2013), Timaru bluestone. Commissioned.
  • Doug Neil Canoe (2007), Timaru bluestone. Purchased 2012.
  • Llew Summers Follow Me (1995), concrete. Purchased 2013.
  • Annabel Menzies-Joyce and friends Fertility Goddess Grove (2013), an installation of small-scale, cast glass works.