Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden

Tim Main

Tim Main

Christchurch-based Tim Main works in a variety of disciplines, from design to fine art. In his sculptural practice he works in wood and ceramic. He trained at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, where he was taught by Bing Dawe, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor of Craft Arts.

Main's broad theme is based around observing the sense of order and purpose in nature, and finding ways to visually express that. He combines structural patterns and stylistic motifs to create works of quiet reflection.

His exacting attention to detail, love of natural materials and patient, expert handling of his tools and media results in aesthetically-harmonious and elegant work which highlights the beauty and fragility of New Zealand native flora.

Earlier series include native grasses and gothic-window inspired rosettes. Each incorporates subtle architectural elements which mirror the organic structures of plants to emphasise the order and patterns in nature. His compositions are light, expressive and uplifting.

Main’s works for Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden’s 2018 exhibition are the first in a new series. They are deceptively simple and belie the hours spent moulding the ceramic components and shaping the wood. Its sculptural beauty is twofold and enhanced as the light of the day changes and the shadows cast on the wall sharpen then fade.

Main is respected for his unique sculptural approach, uncompromising standards and rhythmical, balanced compositions. His works are in public and private collections in New Zealand.